What is hypnosis?

There have been many definitions for hypnosis over the years, which is a big reason for its misconception.  But put simply, hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness or focus.  It is a state that is commonly experienced by almost everyone on a regular basis.  Have you ever been so deeply immersed in a situation that you lose focus of things around you?  Have you ever been so focused on an event or idea that you feel as if time flew by?  Those are examples of our everyday hypnotic states.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to move a client towards health and wholeness.  Hypnosis allows a client to more easily access the subconscious to bring up events in her past.  A hypnotherapist uses technique to validate past feelings and transform any erroneous or misunderstood paradigm of thought.  It is a powerful process that has helped thousands around the world live a more fulfilled life!

Is hypnosis/hypnotherapy safe?

A state of hypnosis is something we experience on a regular basis.  Our unconscious minds keep us away from any harm that we may be presented with.  An example of a common everyday hypnosis experience we have is while driving a car on a highway.  It’s common to be heavily focused on our thoughts or the music playing, so much that we may even miss our exit!  If at any moment of that hypnotic state we find ourselves in any type of danger, our unconscious mind kicks in to emerge us from hypnosis then our conscious mind guides us to safety.  Hypnotherapy is completely safe, as it is a controlled state of hypnosis.

What does hypnosis feel like?

The feeling varies from client to client.  Some say they feel a sort of weightlessness, while others say they feel like they’re even heavier, resting more deeply into the chair.  Others say they feel absolutely nothing, and others say they feel a tingling sensation.  A common feeling is just a feeling of immense relaxation and calmness.  I’m eager to hear your own personal experience!

Will I be able to be hypnotized?

Absolutely!  Just about anyone who is willing to be hypnotized and can follow instructions can do it.  I want to bring emphasis into the former, as willingness is very important to the hypnotherapy process.  Any resistance from the client will make the process more difficult.  So let’s work together to make hypnosis successful!

With what issues can hypnotherapy help me?

There is a plethora of possibilities with hypnosis.  Some of the more common issues clients wish to rid themselves of are negative habits such as smoking, overeating, nail biting, sleeplessness, or addiction.  Some clients wish to improve their personal traits by increasing motivation, improving self-image, reducing stress, or improving self confidence.  Phobias and fears are other issues we work with.  The possibilities are immense!

How long and how much are the sessions?

Let’s schedule a free consultation so we can discuss it in person!