What Can Hypnosis Help With?

The examples of what hypnosis can help with are just about endless!  Some of the more common issues clients come in for are below.  If you have questions about whether hypnosis can help with something that isn't listed, don't hesitate to inquire!

Smoking Cessation

Are you ready to stop smoking, once and for all?  Whether you just recently picked up the habit or have been smoking for the past 40 years, hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you kick the habit for good!

Pain Management

Whether it is acute pain or chronic pain, back aches or headaches, cancer pain, arthritis, or phantom limb pain, we can provide you with the tools you need to bring comfort back into your life.

Weight Loss

Look amazing in that wedding dress, swimsuit, or just your every day attire!  Reach the weight you've been longing for.  Feel great about your body image.  Be more active and live the life you want!


Allow hypnosis to reach the subconscious mind to find out what has been holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams.  Clear yourself of limiting beliefs to pursue all your ambitions!

Insomnia/Sleep Issues

Getting a good night's sleep is paramount to having a positive and successful day.  At the root of hypnosis lies the fundamentals of relaxation.  Sleep better naturally!

Sexual Issues

Sexuality is a reality of relationships, and issues can be detrimental to your love life.  Hypnosis is a great way to help with issues like sexual abuse, anxiety about sex, performance problems and many more.

Fear and Phobias

Fears are commonplace and vary greatly.  Some examples that hypnosis can help with are fear of heights, snakes, spiders, the dark, needles, thunder and lightning, enclosed spaces, and so much more!

Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Hypnosis can be very effective at bringing control back into your life.  We can get to the root of the emotional issues that are causing the destructive behavior to bring you a more positive life.

Stress Management

Let's face it--stress is prevalent in our society.  But help is a simple phone all away!  Hypnosis can help relieve your stress, giving you a more clear mind, better work and personal performance, and better memory and concentration!

Bad Habits

Whether it is using too much social media, nail biting, too much video games, overspending, gambling, procrastination, clicking pens, too much coffee, twitching, too much television or too much cursing, hypnosis is here to help!

Past Life Regression

For those of you interested in understanding a past life, hypnosis is one of the best methods to use.  The information attained from past lives and in between lives can be profound and life changing!  Learn what your purpose is in this life!

Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma can make every day living challenging.  Examples of these traumas can be PTSD, sexual abuse, major loss, physical abuse or emotional abuse.  Hypnosis can help you heal from these and bring insight into your life to live more positively.